Jessica and Patrick

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Our Story

It all started back in freshman year of college when Patrick decided to take the Greyhound bus from San Antonio to Austin to visit his best friend. Little did he know that I would also be there at the station to pick him up and meet him for the first time. Patrick says it was my “hair flip” that caught his attention, and it was his smile that immediately drew me in. Fast forward to that night, we went clubbing with friends and ended up capping the night at Taco Cabana!

Our friendship grew, and after many back-and-forth trips from San Antonio to Austin over the years, he decided to permanently move to Austin. From that point on, we decided that life was better together and have been inseparable ever since (14 years and counting).

We're so incredibly excited to take this step together, and we're even more excited to celebrate it with all of the people that we both love so much.
Robert and Stella